Friday, June 29, 2012

The Tropical Parula and the Painted Bunting

Tropical Parula
As long as we are warbling, this is a warbler that I did see, not far from the Rio Grande.  They are really quite rare, as they exist mostly in Mexico and South America.  There were however, reports of one or two being spotted in this particular wildlife preserve we visited, where we also saw the Ibiis, the Least Grebe, and a number of other aquatic birds that will be discussed in future postings.

Painted Bunting
We also saw the beautiful painted bunting, an unbelievably pretty little bird.  Apparently they both enjoy similar environments. The Parula hangs out where there is Spanish moss, or halfway up in large trees. 

As we walked back to our cars, we passed a group of birders called "listers," or "head hunters."  They seem to be only interested in adding to their list.  I had just seen the bunting, and was excitedly telling them about the find, just around the corner.  They dismissed me out of hand.  "We're after the Tropical Parula."

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