Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Audubon's Oriole: Part 2

Audubon's Oriole
This oriole also exists only in Texas, and for the most part, the southern tip.  He is unmistakably an oriole, with a hooded black head (adult).  The major difference with this guy and most other orioles is that yellow replaces orange as the main color of his body.  Scott's Oriole is also yellow, but the black hood extends much further down it's chest.

It was at this point, north of McAllen, Texas, and overlooking the Rio Grande that we encountered a number of border guards.  Apparently the cartels were very active, and some innocent person on a ski-do recently got shot in a case of mistaken identity.  My friend Jim once told me a story about a time when he was down here in the same general area some years before.  He was sitting in the bushes watching a flatboat come across the Rio Grande loaded with what seemed tt be bales of something or other.  A border guy later told him he was lucky to have gotten out of there alive, for if the drug smugglers had seen him, they surely would have shot him!

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