Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wild Turkey

Not so wild, it would appear, for this duo showed up at my brother Tony's house a couple of weeks ago, and was photographed by my niece, Julia.  These guys, and I suspect it is the same pair, have been plaguing our neighborhood for the past couple of years.  Tony lives just a few blocks away.  I have had them pass by my house as they were working the hood, snooping around in each yard as they went by.  I have also seen them down by the RR tracks, where I walk the dog each day.  

Back in the seventies, there were only a modest number in the state, and none in urban areas.  They have thrived easily, and now this is what you see.

Old Ben Franklin wanted the Wild Turkey designated as the symbolic bird of the U. S., but was overruled in favor of that ugly bird, the Bald Eagle

If I were one of these guys, I might want to hide out is someone's garage for a few days.

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